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My Birthday – Reflections and A Gift

It’s my birthday! Another brand new year!

Birthdays always bring up “stuff” for me, a lot of thoughts are just running through my mind… I am getting older – what does that mean? Life is getting shorter… What does that mean?

This is always a time for me where I always become very philosophical and I just want to share with you what’s going through me right now. One of the things that is going through is that I want to take even better care of my health. I am already on a natural path but I want to eat even healthier and really take care of myself more.

Also, during my birthday, I always feel like I want to have more aliveness in my life. Try new experiences, have more fun! I am also thinking - how can I keep this feeling of aliveness in my life, and take care of myself – these are all the reflections that I am going through right now - how can I keep feeling more and more alive, have more of that in my life?

And also, birthdays always make me wonder, if this was the last year for me to be alive, what would the year look like? And I know that this is a really powerful exercise and some of you might be shocked and wondering why I am thinking this way?

I actually recorded a video on this topic a few weeks ago – click here to watch it – that you know, I really want to feel more alive in every moment because then you’ll know that you won’t be here forever. So you’ll try to live every moment to its fullest and how can you make sure that every moment is filled with aliveness?

And I feel like that is my quest. A reflection of mine that I want to share with you – a gift from me if you like. Hopefully this post will help you reflect a bit more on your life.

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