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Anshu Singh,

Sanur, Bali


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Author . Entrepreneur . Facilitator

Pressure to Pleasure
A Seven Pillar approach to living your Best Life
Pressure to Pleasure is a practical, proven, and easy-to-use alchemy of tools to shift your state from stress to bliss, from numbness to radiance, and from low energy to high energy. You will learn tools to not only release stress from your mind, body, and life, and also how to bring exponential life-force energy and aliveness into every day. 

Want to live your Best Life? Let go of stress and open up to pleasure, then watch how life unfolds ...

Pressure to Pleasure is a diverse exciting collection of practical tools all brought together in one place that you can easily integrate into your life for managing stress and amplifying vibrant vital energy. 

This book could also be a valuable resource for those in any caring profession or role such as parents, counselors, healers and facilitators.

Karen Edwards, Founder-Spasia, UK

This book is beautifully written, easy to read and follow, with many valuable and life changing suggestions. A gift I would give to many to support them on their journey we call life.  I can feel how it will help so many people who are searching for answers. For myself it brought clarity. Thank you for this gift you have shared!

Anita Menassa Koenye, Holistic Nutritional Wellness Coach and Founder- Feed your Soul, Lebanon

I highly recommend to read this book for its simple to read guidelines towards understanding oneself, Anshu understands Why we are stressed, she lives this lifestyle herself, this book is an experiential guideline for better health, vitality and wellbeing.

Archimedes M de Leon - Life Coach, Philippines

Anshu’s authentic voice and compassion clearly comes through as she goes beyond judgment and quick fixes through a structural approach of the Seven pillar method. At no point in the book, does one feel, I can’t do this. The beauty of the book is this: everyone can live in a state of pleasure. Anshu shows you how.

Ashima Sarin, Author - 108 Blessings, Alchemy of the Mind, Body and Soul, USA



A former Silicon Valley executive, Anshu, was living the American dream in San Francisco, but she was burnt out and on the brink of depression.

Her life went through a major transformation and she discovered her life purpose: to make a massive impact in the health and wellbeing of the world.


She has since dedicated her life to learning, teaching, and researching - yoga, tantra, breathwork, mindfulness, etc, for a vital and optimum life.  She is the founder of ThePleasureRevolution.com that teaches people around the world how to let go of stress and live in a state of pleasure.