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About Me

Anshu's Journey


A former Silicon Valley executive, Anshu, was living the American dream in San Francisco, but she was burnt out and on the brink of depression.

Her life went through a major transformation and she discovered her life purpose: to make a massive impact in the health and wellbeing of the world.


She has since dedicated her life to learning, teaching, and researching - yoga, tantra, breathwork, mindfulness, etc, for a vital and optimum life.  She is the founder of The Pleasure Revolution that teaches people around the world how to let go of stress and live in a state of pleasure.

Not leaving her technology background, Anshu also co-founded Zmaaya- a practice management software for wellness practitioners. She also provides software solutions to conscious start-ups and businesses with her team of dedicated professionals in India.

Taking a step up in yoga journey, Anshu founded Soul Inspire Academy in year 2019 and soon coming up with an universal retreat center in Bali

Anshu loves to host her workshops and ceremonies at festivals, events and retreats. She has been part of Bali Spirit Festival, Bali Vegan Festival, Masters of Calm, Murfest, Breathfest and many such international events.

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