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Hatha Flow Yoga

200 hr Teacher Training

A Yoga Teacher Training that is for Every One

Join Anshu - An International Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Published Author and Breathwork facilitator along with an amazing team of highly experienced yoga teachers to bring the powerful practice of Yoga to everyone and anyone regardless of age, body type, race, gender, nationality or any other categorization.

YTT Moments

Five Guiding Principles  - the basis for our teacher training

1. Yoga is a way of life, not only a practice of 90 minutes - We will teach you to LIVE yoga, not just DO yoga. It means understanding yoga philosophy deeply and applying it to your life.

2. If you can smile, you can do yoga - Yoga is accessible and beneficial to people of all age groups and all body types, we want to help you teach in a way that you can make a difference in many people's lives. We will teach you alignments and also teach you how to modify the postures and practice for different bodies. 

3. Teach from the heart and dissolve ego - We will help you connect with your own heart and deepen your relationship with yourself so you can inspire your students do the same. Experience oneness and universal love with the participants in your classes. You would be able to make everyone feel welcome and supported as they work on becoming a better version of themselves, not hurt themselves in the process as they are trying to copy what the teacher or other students are doing.

4. Be Authentic -  Activate your intuition and learn to trust yourself while teaching and in life, Learn to teach as an authentic teacher by embodying yoga as a way of life.  This yoga teacher training will help you get deeply connected with your intuition and your most authentic self. And you will learn the magic of connecting with your students, and learn to built rapport and create trust.


5. Bring yoga back to its roots - Yoga in the western world has become so much about the physical body. We will teach you the asanas with emphasis on subtle emotional and energetic body. We will help you learn the 'Real' yoga and connect with its true essence. Yoga is not just about bending body in different positions and posting pictures on Instagram. Yoga is not a religion and nor is it gymnastics.  Yoga is an integration of mind, body and breath and beyond. 

Course Curriculum

Preparation Module

In this module you will be readying to connect with yourself deeper, embody yoga philosophy, meditate and establish self-practice. You will learn to apply yoga in your daily life, not just in a class. This is to prepare you for the immersion phase.


Bali Immersion

In the beautiful island of Bali, you would immerse yourself in the world of yoga and teaching. You will learn the following - 

  • Asana and Alignment

  • Pranayama and the power of breath

  • Meditation, yoga nidra and guided relaxations

  • Eight Limbs of yoga, Yoga Sutras, Yoga Philosophy & History

  • Anatomy and physiology

  • Yoga for stress relief and Laughter yoga

  • Class structure and sequencing

  • The Art of Teaching Yoga with full presence

  • Therapeutic aspects of yoga

  • Teaching yoga with safety

  • Introduction to Ayurveda

  • Subtle body energetic - Chakras, Koshas, Nadis

  • Bringing Yoga to the world


Integration Module

In this module, you would have discussion to help you get started with yoga teaching. This module is to support you as you go back to your life. This is a very important component of the training to ensure your success as a yoga teacher. 


The Faculty


Anshu Singh

Anshu never really thought that she will become a yoga teacher as she had a thriving career in the software industry in San Francisco. During her break in Bali, she attended a teacher training to deepen her own practice of yoga. She experienced a deep connection as she taught her first yoga class and got on the path to connecting with her life purpose. Since then, she has been studying yoga with different teachers, teaching and deepening her own yoga practice. 


Lisa Mcknight

Lisa started practicing Vinyasa yoga in 1998. In 2008, she did her level one and two certification courses with a total of 700h hours of teacher training.

It's Iyengar Yoga that took her to a real yogic path.Lisa hopes to spread a better understanding and appreciation of philosophy of Yoga.

To know more about Lisa's offerings visit The Inner Shakti


Jenny Williams

Jenny is a certified yoga therapist C-IAYT, experienced yoga teacher E-RYT200hr and an Australian registered nurse who started practicing yoga when she was 16 years old.

She pursued a corporate career in healthcare, which took her from Asia to Africa, from South America to Russia, Mongolia to Papua New Guinea and now calls Bali home. 

Jenny is passionate, big-hearted, calm, entertaining.

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