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Ceremony of

Love and Peace

What is a cacao ceremony, people sometimes wonder...

To me, Cacao ceremony is a celebration, celebration of life, humankind, love and the present moment. It is connection, connecting deeply with friends, family, community, humanity and earth with open hearts. It is an experience of oneness.


The ancient medicine of Cacao from South American traditions opens the heart and gets us deeply connected to ourselves and others. It helps in quieting the mind and connecting with body, breath and heart. Feel more alive and start to live from the heart.


The cacao ceremony lasts approx 2 hours. we drink a raw cacao drink specially prepared with healing herbs and lots of love And the participants are guided through various breathing, movements and partner exercises that deepen connection with self. Participants could have experience of oneness, connection to divine and connection to all humanity. 


Watch this video to feel the magic of a very special cacao ceremony at Lithuania, summers of 2018.

Anshu loves to host her workshops and ceremonies at festivals, events and retreats. She has been part of Bali Spirit Festival, Bali Vegan Festival, Masters of Calm, Murfest, Breathfest and many such international events.

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