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Releasing Stress and Trauma Through Breathwork

Today, I want to talk to you about the importance of breathwork and how it is an imperative tool in the journey of healing and living a life of pleasure.

In my book Pressure to Pleasure, I’ve mentioned that breathwork is a great way to release stress and regulate emotions. It is a practice that uses breath for physical and emotional detox and gets us closer to ourselves while creating a deeper connection with others. Breathwork has the immense power to change lives; this journey uses a combination of various exercises to stir-up the subconscious and breath to create powerful experiences that bring connection and clarity.

In my breathwork sessions, I’ve noticed that people carry deep sadness and grief in their lungs and heart. As they breathe deeply and go inwards, the grief may release in the form of cough or phlegm. My dear friend’s mother was diagnosed with chronic lung disease after many years of her son’s passing. When asked whether she had released her sadness, she said that she was still sad and had been carrying this burden of chronic sadness in her heart and lungs. While there is much anecdotal evidence, more and more scientific research shows evidence of unreleased emotions causing sickness in the body.

I have been facilitating breathwork sessions for many years, and I notice that in the first few sessions my clients release the emotional and energetic blocks opening the energetic pathways. And as these pathways open, the life-force energy flows resulting in every cell coming alive. It’s a profound experience and the exercises in this pillar are all about helping you connect and cultivate this life-force that flows through us.

This is the life-force energy that ancient yogis cultivated using yogic breath to help them meditate and live in harsh conditions without food.

Over the last eight years, I have had the honor of touching thousands of lives through teaching yoga, meditation, breathwork, and pleasure workshops to help many shift their state from stress to aliveness. I have now dedicated my life’s work to sharing how we can move from pressure to pleasure through simple, practical, easy-to use-tools such as breathwork.

If you would like to attend one of my breathwork workshops, you can do so by visiting A breathwork workshop takes approximately 2-3 hours and involves some movement and partner exercises along with an hour of long breath meditation where the participants use the circular connected breath to get access to their inner power, joy and connection.

To find out more about my breathwork workshops and how to live a life of Pressure to Pleasure, please visit my website at

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