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Enjoy Daily Unstructured Time

Tony Robbins once said, “Lead a life of your own design, on your own terms not one that others, or the environment have scripted for you.”

This quote can be found in my book, Pressure to Pleasure, in the chapter on the Seventh Pillar – Uplevel Your Life and in this chapter, I wrote about the importance of Unstructured Time.

If you’re already following me and reading my book, then you’re obviously looking for ways to bring more pleasure and aliveness into your life. You want to love yourself, experience emotions to the fullness, shift any stuck patterns from your mind, experience more pleasure through your senses, prepare your body to feel more energy and aliveness, and enhance your energy.

But if you keep living your life the old way, none of this good work will be sustainable. Just the way self-love is the foundation of it all, designing your life consciously is the much-needed pillar to live a stress-free life that is filled with aliveness and energy.

In this pillar, I provided multiple ways for you to start upleveling and taking control of your life and one of them is to give yourself some Daily Unstructured Time.

To give yourself some Unstructured Time, take a look at your day. How much of it are you spending on Structured Time?

We can be so bound to schedule, calendars, and meetings that we can end up running like clockwork. Do you see any other living being so attached to clocks besides humans? All living beings follow a natural cycle, whether it’s the seasons, sun, or the moon, but we humans choose to follow a manmade clock instead of our natural rhythms.

So today, why not give yourself some Unstructured Time? I invite you to start to observe your own natural rhythm of hunger, sleep, rest, work. Try to follow your own natural rhythm at least once a week or over the weekend. Instead of being bound to schedule, follow your natural flow without relying on any external stimulants.

This is a great way to connect with your flow and release stress. So go ahead and give yourself some unstructured time every day, without any plan in mind. Make this time totally yours without expectations or structure, a time to flow, a time to be totally yourself and do what gives you pleasure.

You could get creative, read, write, sleep, meditate, dance, laugh, paint, and draw. This concept might be totally foreign to you, but this is when your left brain gets complete rest and your right creative brain gets activated along with parasympathetic nervous system.

This unstructured time can start to do wonders with your stress levels.

Daydreaming and imagining is a great way to spend your unstructured time. Who knows? You might come up with the next brilliant idea to change the world. A total no-no for unstructured time is TV, YouTube, phone, social media, or any other zoning out in-front-of-screen activity.

You will find that this unstructured time makes you more relaxed, reduces stress, and fills you up with a sense of feeling alive.

Want to know more about me, my book and the Seven Pillars Pathway to Living Your Best Life? Visit to find out more or email

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