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Feminine Leadership In Today’s World

Let’s talk about leadership. In particular, feminine leadership.

Now, most people seem to think that there is only one way to be a leader. That we need to think and act like a man just to be seen as a successful leader. When you think of a man, who is also a leader, what traits come first to mind?

Are you thinking hard, aggressive, assertive, impenetrable, unsympathetic, busy?

Those are the typical traits of a male leader - and the first thing that we need to establish here is that women do not need to act and think like a man to be a great leader. We can be instead empathetic, sympathetic, nurturing and wise and use our gut instincts to be creative and strategic.

Think about all the female leaders that you know and admire. Perhaps Princess Diana, Oprah, Michelle Obama, Mother Teresa… Think about them, and how they portray their leadership qualities. Instead of being loud, hard and masculine, they are the exact opposites. They are soft, nurturing, calm, welcoming. They exude soft yet strong and loving feminine energy. They are all about femininity.

So how about we start today by looking at our feminine qualities and embracing them as we work to become better leaders?

A great leader works together with others to achieve a common goal. A true leader is honest and has integrity, he or she inspire others with commitment and passion, is a good communicator and has great ideas. Most of all, he or she takes accountability and has a strong sense of responsibility.

Now, as a feminine leader, we can do all of the above by embracing our feminine qualities. To further understand the difference between masculine and feminine energy, take a look at the diagram below:

Here’s a diagram showing the advantages of both masculine and feminine energies:

What do you think could happen when we combine all of the above into one? Just like Yin and Yang, we have both feminine and masculine energies within us. Why not embrace both qualities and find a balance so that we can become and authentic leader, a great leader, a leader that would benefit those under us?

My advice is to trust your intuition and trust yourself, embrace both qualities so that you can inspire, lead, and stay true to your feminine self as you do it!

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