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Magical Cacao Ceremony

What magic do you want to create?

Close your eyes and make a wish. Make a wish for yourself. What do you wish for? Say it out loud. Bring your arms up and say it out loud.

Cacao Ceremonies are incredible experiences that everyone should try to partake in at least once in their lives.

There is one particular Cacao Ceremony that has a special place in my heart: it took place in July 2018, at the Masters of Calm Festival in Lithuania, a magnificent and beautiful country. For those of you wondering, Masters of Calm is a conscious holiday summer retreat held every August at Auksine Giria. Here, we revitalized our bodies, minds and souls, taking home an unlocked treasure of life secrets and a transformed self.

As one of the Masters at the festival, my mission was to bring even more love through the medicine of Cacao and help open hearts even bigger and transform lives. The Cacao Ceremony was performed within a sacred circle with meditation, affirmations, music, dancing and of course, hot and delicious ceremonial pure cacao which we all enjoyed!

It was a breathtaking experience and one that I can hardly put into words. Watch it here to see for yourself!

So let’s talk a little bit about Cacao Ceremony. For the benefit of those who don’t yet know, Cacao Ceremonies have been around for thousands of years. The Mayans and the Aztecs performed Cacao Ceremonies with the intention to awaken their inner and spiritual self. Pure cacao has healing properties and the ability to open hearts. It can also help to release negative emotions and habits as you connect with loving energy to your mind and your body.

A Cacao Ceremony would be a great option for those who are looking to get out of their comfort zones. I talked about this in my book, Pressure to Pleasure. Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone is part of my Seven Pillars Pathway to Living Your Best Life.

Life can get boring when you live in your comfort zone but adventure makes everyone feel more alive. It releases stress and gets the energy flowing into the body. Participating in a Cacao Ceremony could be a fun and safe way for you to Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone and fill you up with more aliveness.

Want to know more about my book and the Seven Pillars Pathway to Living Your Best Life? Visit to find out more or email

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