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Pressure versus Pleasure

Thomas More once said, “The chief part of a person’s happiness consists of pleasure.” Fortunately or unfortunately, the life that we live today consists of both pleasure and pressure.

So how do you differentiate between the life of pressure and the life of pleasure? These two words are very much alike.

A life of pressure is being in a state of stress, which prevents you from living the life that you’re meant to live. When we don’t experience real pressure, we begin to feel empty inside and then we’ll try to distract ourselves with fleeting pleasures, which can never bring long-term happiness or well-being.

When I was living the life of pressure, I used to be sick a lot. I would get colds a lot. I felt an emptiness in my life. I didn’t feel full. I felt like I was living this life for other people. And I didn’t feel the state of aliveness in me that I feel now.

When you stop being in a state of pressure and move into a state of high energy and aliveness, only then can you begin to live more fully, true to yourself, and experience the pleasure of being alive. When you’re in this state of pleasure, everything falls into place; there is no forcing of any kind. You reach your goals, get connected to the purpose of your life, relationships become fulfilling, friendships flourish, and you begin to contribute to make the world a better place.

Now that I am so much more connected to my pleasure, I am just connected to the pleasure of life itself, of being alive. I feel more open, I feel free, I wake up with a smile. I don’t think “Oh, today is just another day,” and instead, I wake up and think, “What will I create today?” and it just makes me feel really good to be connected to my own essence and to be doing the work that I want to do.

Living a life of pleasure, I feel a lot of inner joy and inner happiness that was missing from my life when I was living a life of pressure.

For me, pleasure means just being in the state of aliveness where you feel alive and full of life. Inner joy and inner happiness will shine through you. Because most of us are living in the state of pressure but when you go to the opposite side, and in the state of pleasure, you’ll notice your body is more open, happier, full of joy and you’ll start to appreciate your life even more.

Learn more about how you too could move away from a life of pressure and begin to live a life of pleasure with my Pressure to Pleasure book, a 7 Pillar Pathway for living your Best Life. Visit to find out more.

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