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Proven Practical Ways To Manage Your Emotional State

So much is happening in the world today. There is a lot of fear due to uncertainty and frustration too, due to lockdowns and social distancing. All of this can create stress and pressure and bring our mental and emotional states lower than normal.

So in this post, I want to share with you tips and tools that will help us all maintain our states so that they don’t spiral down any lower than they should, and let’s work on staying centred as we stay present with what is happening.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know that I recently went Live to share these exact tips and tools on how to stay centred. I use these tools on myself, and have shared them with my friends and family. You can watch the video here, where I covered the following topics: Managing Our Emotions and How To Release Stress From The Body.

In today’s post, let’s talk about Practical Ways To Manage Our Emotions.

Now these tools are already in my book; Pressure To Pleasure, The Seven Pillar Pathway To Living Your Best Life. These tools aren’t new, they have been used for thousands of years by wellness and yogi experts to stay centred and calm, because no matter what happens in this life, it is always important to be in a good state.

This idea of stress and pressure – where does it come from? Usually, from external events that is happening. The COVID-19 is a big external pressure and so too is your job, your commutes, your relationship, or anything else that is happening in your life. The solution is to make a change to the external environment that you’re in.

Another big cause of stress or pressure is something that happens within us. This is usually because of our conditioning, what we’ve been taught. For example, some people can feel guilty over every little thing. And some people, no matter what is happening, won’t feel any guilt at all. Some people are afraid to take risks, and some people live to take risks.

These are our inner conditioning and this can make us feel stressed as well, especially around this time – when there is so much fear about getting sick, facing death, or worrying about someone else who is getting or is already sick.

What I’d invite you to do now, is to take a few moments to tune into yourself and really go into your inner state. And if you want, you can grab a paper and pencil, and just write down how you’re feeling from the inside. Be honest with yourself with how you’re feeling and accept whatever it is that you’re feeling. It’s ok to feel fear, depressed or stressed. Where is your emotional state right now? Observe and note it.

There are many methods to overcome all of these feelings and here are a few that I want to share with you:


This is the very first step - accepting whatever it is that you’re feeling. I know it sounds really cliché but it is very important you are really loving yourself no matter what you’re going through. Accept whatever you are and however you’re feeling. Be authentic with yourself and your loved ones by expressing yourself emotionally.

Nurture Yourselves

Take care of our immune system and what you put in your body. That is a big BIG act of self-love. Your body is your temple and you should put in it what is right for you. Listen to what your body needs.

Connect with others

It is important during this time to put in some effort to connect with others. You can do this via social media and find like-minded communities such as those with similar interests. You can also learn something new, or participate in online yoga and meditation classes. It is good to fill your mind with positive thoughts and goals, as this will go a long way.

Remember to not beat yourself up at this time. This is not the time for doing that. Just accept yourself wherever and however you are. Give yourself a hug when you feel shame or guilt. Do whatever that feels good for you.

Stay Connected With Your Emotions

Remember to always stay connected with your emotions and never suppress them or try to distract yourself from them. It is easy to instead turn on the TV or go on social media but this will affect you badly in the long run. The solution is to just sit with your emotions. It’s ok if you want to cry, feel angry or fearful. Just accept your emotions and be ok with it.

One technique that’s been working over and over again for so many people is to journal, and to simply write whatever it is that is coming up for you. For example - why is this happening, why do I feel this way? Work on shifting your perspective and looking for the good in this situation. What is the good in your life? Did you learn anything new? Are you connecting with friends and family? What are you grateful for?

Chopping Wood Breath

One technique that works really well for me to release fear and anger – The Chopping Wood Breath. This movement activates the power centre and immediately helps you to feel better. Do this anytime that you’re feeling low on energy or feeling fearful or whenever you’re not feeling good. Watch the video to see exactly how to do it.

Observe The Patterns Of The Mind

A lot of times, the stress and suffering that we’re going through is caused by what’s happening in the mind. There are many ways to release it, and the most effective way is to sit and meditate. I recommend by Dynamic Meditation Technique. Just sit and focus on your breath. It’s OK if your mind has gone away, bring it back to your breath.

Remember To Be Grateful

Write down all the things that you are grateful for, because as humans, we forget, we all do. We just have to recognize what we’re grateful for, whatever it is for you. Say it out loud or write it down. The act of writing can also interrupt a pattern and help us remember. You can also write down the things that you can actually do like join in free online yoga classes, free meditation, etc. Many things are possible.

Send Loving Thoughts To Other People

How about making life bigger than yourself? Connect with your heart, close your eyes and send loving thoughts to anybody who is maybe sick or in need right now? This is a great way to interrupt your negative patterns. Find any way that will let you contribute to the world right now and make a difference. This will make you feel so much better.

Do watch the video here to see the entire discussion for yourself. In my next blog post, we’ll do a recap from the same video on How To Release Stress From The Body.

Want to know more about my book and the Seven Pillars Pathway to Living Your Best Life? Visit to find out more or email

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