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How To Release Stress From The Body

Hi everyone.

In my previous blog post, I talked about Practical Ways To Manage Your Emotional State.

Today, I want to continue with tips and tools that you can use To Release Stress From The Body which you can easily do by yourself or with your friends and family at home.

Give yourself a massage

Show yourself some self-love by giving yourself a massage. The human body holds stress in the shoulders and also in the belly, so give your shoulders and your belly a massage. A great technique is to use tennis balls. Place the tennis balls on the floor and lie on them with your back to the floor. You could roll on the tennis balls starting from your shoulders and then bringing them lower and lower to your waist. Massage your entire back if you like. This is a fantastic way to release tension and to show yourself some self-love.

Lion’s Breath & Shaking Meditation

The jaw is another place where we carry tension and using the Lion’s Breath technique will release the stress from your face and jaw. Watch the video to see exactly how to do the Lion’s Breath. In yoga, we believe that the Lion’s Breath will bring glow to the face. This is a good practice for wellness and to bring some playfulness into your life. Do this with your kids and have fun.

Other techniques that I shared before is the Shaking Meditation. Combine this with the Lion’s Breath as you shake. Do it very naturally, and remember, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Just shake for a few seconds every morning and practice the Lion’s Breath and you’ll feel yourself getting better as you feel the energy moving within you.

Shaking is a proven way to remove trauma from the cells of our bodies. Even animals do this! Try it and see how well it will work for you.

Awaken Your Senses

Awaken your senses to give yourself more energy. For example, when you eat next, don’t eat in front of the TV. To keep your emotional state high, try to stay away from all the devices while you eat. Get into a state of gratitude for the food that you’re having. Try to eat healthy. Eat it with all your senses. Eat it with love and reverence for your body. Eat slowly and awaken your senses of what you’re eating, just slow it down and smell your food, breathe it in, chew it slowly, really enjoy it. Take your time with your food, it is a wonderful way to disrupt the pattern of stress.

Cleanse The Stress Away

If you live near a lake, a river or an ocean, then go ahead and take a dip to cleanse the stress away. But if you don’t live near any of these things, then what I invite you to do is to take a cold shower. Here’s how to do it - while you’re taking a warm shower, turn off the hot water slowly and let the water run cold.

What will happen is that your body will shake, and some sounds will be coming out of you as you adjust to the cold. And that is a great way to release stress! This is a good way to open up the body and be in that state of aliveness and feel happier and be more accepting of what is. A word of caution though, don’t do it when you’re feeling under the weather or sick.

If you have trees around you, connect with them. Go into your garden, or out onto your balcony. Go for a stroll and try to spend some time in the sun and just be outside. Do some breathing techniques. Here are two breathing techniques that I thoroughly recommend, and to see how exactly to do it, watch the video here.

Fire Breath

Do it every morning to start the day with a clean slate, to be productive, to be happy and be in a state of excitement and aliveness.

Sipping Breath

Do it to increase the energy in the body. Start your morning with these breathing techniques and when you feel your state dropping as you go about your day, you can use these techniques to interrupt your patterns.

Manage Your Time

How much time do you spend on social media or watching the news? Can you cut down on that time? Are you spending your time listening to positive things or things that are creating or feeding your fear? Why not instead start finding some time in your day to do something creative? Draw or paint or sing. Create and contribute. You could also read some really good books or do some online courses. These will bring your energy to a higher state.

Surround yourself with positivity

You may notice that when you spend time with positive, happy people, you will also feel good and feel happy. But when you go and talk to someone who is not feeling good, someone who is feeling angry and fearful, you will also start feeling like the same.

Remember to take care of yourself by feeding your mind and body with positivity, good food and positive thoughts. This is a great way to manage your state.

Do watch the video here to see the entire discussion for yourself. If you missed it, read the first part of this blog post, Proven Practical Ways To Manage Your Emotional State.

Want to know more about my book and the Seven Pillars Pathway to Living Your Best Life? Visit to find out more or email

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